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About Us

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About Us


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TGS(Tarun Gems & Silver) has been active on silver market since 2002.Throughout this period; it has surpassed the strong competitive environment and became the exclusive distributor of Pure 925 sterling silver jewelry studded with genuine gem stones. Its position of being one of the leading wholesalers of silver jewelry. TGS(Tarun Gems & silver) jewelry has been patronized by customers because of its outstanding quality and exquisite styles for silver jewelry. And opened store for Brand name “TGS”
The basic philosophy of the company itself is to offer a good selection of jewelry at affordable prices with the use of best quality materials available.
The company has been the leading silver jewelry wholesaler for many years, bringing to market the latest in wholesale fashion jewelry. Our collections features: Rings, Earrings, Bracelets, Necklace, Pendants, Watch, Bangles and much more.
Located on 1279, CHAROEN KRUNG ROAD NEAR GEMS TOWER, TGS(Tarun Gems & Silver) jewelry has expanded its reach and has been marketing its products through various retailers from ITALY, RUSSIA, and SOUTH AMERICA AND GULF COUNTRIES.


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